Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday Class 4/30/09

So last night was a pretty satisfying class. We started out with 8 90-sec sketches and we did a couple of ink wash poses for about 15-20 minutes. Second-half of the class was a "freestyle" pose of about 25-30 minutes. I got 2 charcoal pieces done, The middle one was first and I start out with these broad lines that just kinda worked and after a while, I liked where it was at and didn't figure that I was going to improved it any. So I did the bottom one in about 10 min. Darker charcoal and smudged it all around and took the eraser to it to bring up the highlights and neaten it up a bit. The top page is 3, 5-min poses and I did them all on the same page. Again, in charcoal.

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Bryan said...

Hey Chris - these latest sketches are terrific! I really love the bold lines of that second sketch.