Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great night last night

What a great night last night. We usually start with a series of 90 sec sketches to loosen up. Last night we did something different. The model would take a step, and hold it for about 60 sec and then make another movement. He started on the floor and stepped onto the stage and off again. It was kind of frustrating at first until I found my subject. His feet and legs. I just drew the feet and legs and nothing else. I didn't even actually draw the stage but I drew him on and off of it. I think it turned out quite well.

The next pose was about 40 min and this one really came together well. I feel good about the proportions and the face and to overall feeling of the piece. Soemtimes, when you actually draw a face on a life drawing if feels that you need to alot too much time to the face and it looks out of sorts with the quality of the rest of the drawing. Not this time, this seems to mesh very well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Things clicked last night!

Another great model last night. She was very easygoing and had some really great poses.
The top sketch is from the beginning of class, I just felt the proportions on this on were really better than my average.
The middle is the 2nd hour sketch and there are a few things that don't work about this, I felt this was a good example of my "stretching" I got out of my comfort zone and used some chalk and tried to create and entire feeling instead of just drawing the model.
The bottom one was the last sketch of the night and it just felt right. It turned out to be a real good portrait, it looks just like the model. So I was real happy with that.

Comments and crit are always welcome.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Very Satisfying Session Tuesday!

Another great model Tuesday. She was very creative and he had nice curves to draw. The focus this week was to incorporate items into the drawing, to create a narrative in the piece. I thought it turned out very good, I was very pleased with my sketches this week.

The bottom on was the model and a mannequin, in an embrace.

The top one was the last pose of the evening, I took some liberties with her figure and tried to exaggerate the "warrior woman" theme of the pose.

Great Model on Thursday!

This was the last pose on Thursday. This guy was great, he is a dancer and during the exercises he was making some great poses, very interesting and dramatic. Most of the class was done on newsprint, doing movement exercises. But this last one was great lighting contrast and I really felt I got a lot out of this pose. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nine in 9

Great class last night! We did an exercise of 9 sketches / 9 minutes. We did 9 sketches and took 9 minutes on each sketch. The instructor challenged us to use a varitiy of media and/or techniques and use some of the things we talked about in class, like composition. I found it very challenging, and by the ninth sketch, I was drained. The top sketch was a 40 minute sketch at the end of class. The head is WAY too big and that really messed my appreciation of the body I drew. I was really happy with the proportion of the body and I pushed and tried to spend some quality time on the face and messed it all up. argh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday Class 4/30/09

So last night was a pretty satisfying class. We started out with 8 90-sec sketches and we did a couple of ink wash poses for about 15-20 minutes. Second-half of the class was a "freestyle" pose of about 25-30 minutes. I got 2 charcoal pieces done, The middle one was first and I start out with these broad lines that just kinda worked and after a while, I liked where it was at and didn't figure that I was going to improved it any. So I did the bottom one in about 10 min. Darker charcoal and smudged it all around and took the eraser to it to bring up the highlights and neaten it up a bit. The top page is 3, 5-min poses and I did them all on the same page. Again, in charcoal.