Tuesday, May 20, 2008

X-Files Sketchcard Designs

I was watching the X-Files movie "FIGHT THE FUTURE" and I was thinking that there were so many great freaks on that show, that I would do some sketches using them. searching on the interweb for reference material is difficult, not for Mulder or Scully (Hah....Scully...) but the villians, I did find FLUKEMAN, who is just an awesome freak.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My First Sketchcard Design!

So I finally got around to doing my own sketchcard design. Please, Please, let me know what you think. If you want a commision...I am game! Just drop me a line! Cheers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Now that I look at it, he seems kinda old and thin. LOL Well, he is old, but his face is definately not that thin.

Heath Ledger's Joker

This was inspired by one of the promo shots I found of Heath Ledger as the Joker. This is a meaner-looking more thuggy Joker. Sketchbook page using pencil then primsacolor pen (black)

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Take on THE JOKER!

So I went to the library last night and found a book about the Greatest Batman Comic Covers. I was flipping throught the incredible artwork (I am a Neal Adams Batman-guy) and realized that I have never tried to draw Joker and that he is one of the characters that I love to see people draw the most. So last night I sat down an ripped this out in about an hour. (again, I love the prismacolor pens!) It isn't the typical Joker, I think I would need to do more to get a more Joker-style to it, but I thought it looks pretty good.

I was inspired by a picture of Conrad Veidt’s character in The Man Who Laughs

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting back to Fun Star Wars Stuff!

Okay so after the crappy couple of days of skething shitty heads... I got back into the Star Wars book. I ripped this one out after the lil ewok went to bed. I was really unsure about this before I started filling in the dark space. I wasn't sure it was going to work, I was having trouble with the mask and the belt but the hand, the hand felt awesome to do. I think I am going to try more of these perspective poses. This was my first real sketch using a prismacolor pen (thin on one side, broad on the other). I have to say, I really like the feel and delivery of this pen and I think I will be going out and getting more.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crappy Sketching Days

Crappy sketching days.

I have beening checking out the "how-to" drawing vids on YouTube and I was feeling in a funk and after two days I was feeling like I had taken two steps back. The following pages are pages I did while watching the videos.

I figured that I was getting out of my "fun zone" and I was starting to take things a bit to seriously and this is the problem I get in to when I drop art for spans of time. I get frustrated and that takes all of the fun out of drawing.

I did find small packets of useful stuff those nights. Like in the first pic, the crouching figure actually came out with good proportions and size. I enjoyed that. Some of the general comic faces turned out okay. But I need practice and I am not sure that doing these sketches are helping. I need instruction and that is why I went to the videos. I need to stay focused and work on one thing and then use those skills to move on.