Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday's Class - Ink wash

Well last night class felt really good. We did more of the ink and brush study of light and darks. First we loosened up with 6-7 90 sec sketches with sharpie and newsprint, contour line, blind contour line, opposite hand, upside down and look and recall. The last two were a lot more difficult than I would expect, seeing something right side up and having to draw it upside is a real mind fu*k. Anyway these were 45 minute drawings, we drew the figure with a pencil, no sketching, just definitive lines, then used an ink wash and brush to block out the shadows. One problem I have is I generally draw too small, so I have been purposefully going big and I have a hard time keeping on the page. But I felt very good about my progress last night and I look forward to Thursday.
And please if you have any critique or criticism, I would love to hear it.

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Bryan D said...

Hi Chris -- great work! I think this second nude looks so natural. Bravo!